Diary Entry 1: Cherry

Dear Diary,

My first day on this new island went over really well – despite not having a lot of bells saved up for the trip like mother told me to. I was a bit nervous when Mr. Tom Nook, the raccoon, first approached me a few days ago and offered me this “trip of a lifetime”. What really lured me in was his promise of a fresh start. I’m sure that in a little while, my nerves will settle and the reality of this crazy and wonderful experience will set in. Despite the first day jitters, I do also feel this immense level of excitement! There’s a whole island just waiting to be explored! Although a good chunk of it is inaccessible at the moment, a really odd thing for a proper “island getaway” if you were to ask me. 

I also think I made a new friend. There’s another new villager who just moved to the island as well. His name is Alvin. He was running around all over the place and he kept talking to me. I hope I made a good first impression, I even taught him how to make one of my favorite umbrellas! The other island villager, I believe his name is Teddy, seemed a little closed off. After Mr. Nook showed us around the island and hosted a quiet bonfire welcoming, Teddy spent most of the evening in his tent away from everyone. Will him and I become good friends? 

Very well then, I’m off for another late night stroll across the island. Hm, I think I’ll start wandering along the beach. This place sure is quiet. I dearly miss all of my rambunctious siblings from back home, but goodness this quiet is serene. What what! 

— Cherry

*Click Here to read Cherry’s About Me Page.
**Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Cherry’s first day on StoryBrook.

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