Journal Entry 1: Teddy

Hey Journal,

Woo ee! That was a long plane ride. I ain’t never left home before. It was odd seein’ the Big Woods down under me gettin’ tinier and tinier. Those two dodos though, man, they nearly chatted my head off. But on the good side, that water landing was a thrill. I nearly got soaked! I was pretty surprised when I saw the two other villagers here on the island. I guess this “exclusive island getaway” isn’t really gonna be all that exclusive! Har! Har! 

Oh, but I gotcha some good news! I’m the biggest guy here! It was an odd feelin’, but a good one. Back home I was the oldest brother, but I sure wasn’t the biggest. Feels good bein’ the biggest one here. For all their heavy lifting needs, I’m sure they’ll be callin’ on me. 

But, truth be told, journal, my head’s still swirlin’ from this rinkadink experience so far. Heck, I even met this one new villager, Alvin was his name. He checked up on me a few times, decent lil’ fellow. I even decided to hand off the tulip hat my aunt Gertrude made for me. Fit him like a glove. Much better than on my bulbous head. And that other villager, Cherry, she was cracking some of the darn funniest jokes I ever laid ears on. Life’s different here, but I’m thinkin’ it’ll be a good different. 

Aw well. Time for me to head out for my early morning jog. Wonder if I’ll be able to make it around this whole island. I ain’t seen any bridges yet – or even an outdoor gym for that matter. 

Catch me in the waves! Groooof!

— Teddy

*Click Here to read Teddy’s About Me page!
** Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Teddy’s first day on StoryBrook!

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