Diary Entry #1: Judy

Dear sweet diary of mine,  Greetings! It’s done. I just got off the phone with my agent and informed her that I am stepping away from showbiz – only for a short while, of course. Goodness do I need a getaway. I’ve been all work and no joy since I was such a small, fragile […]

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Journal Entry #2: Marshal

Hey Journal!  I feel revitalized! It’s been about three weeks since I left my ex and moved to StoryBrook. I’m not gonna lie, transitioning was hard. And I mean – REALLY – really hard. My heart had just kept throbbing for days on end. There was one week when I didn’t even leave my house. […]

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Diary Entry 2: Flora

Dear Diary of the New Current Pop Queen,  My momager is totes the best! After pulling a few strings, she landed me a spot on Who’s Got Talent! Finally! I’m going to be so big and so famous! Everyone is going to know the name: Flora! I’m more excited than I’ve ever been before and […]

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Diary Entry 1: Wendy

Hey Diary!  It’s me, Wendy! I am so excited about life on this new island! Like, I’m officially all moved out and living on my OWN! OH EM GEE! It was such a scary decision but I am so glad that I did it! I can finally practice my craft on my terms instead of […]

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Diary Entry 1: Flora

Dear Diary of a Future Pop Queen,  I totes just moved to this awesome new island! It’s trés bon! Everything I could ever want. Well, I could use a few more crowds and autograph signings, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere, right? At least, like, I’m the most famous person on the island, […]

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Diary Entry 1: Tia

Diary Dearest, These last few days have been so terribly stressful. I packed up my whole life on an adventurous whim and I moved to a new island far from home, StoryBrook. My nerves are a mess. This island is quaint but so bare. It’s like a blank canvas and all I seem to be […]

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Journal Entry 2: Teddy

Hey Journal, Ma and Pa bought me a house! I told ‘em they didn’t needta but they insisted “No son of my is gonna be stayin’ in a measly little tent. Go getcha-self a house! Dangnabit!” Gosh, I love Pops but he just don’t understand… I like the roughen, toughen kinda life. But, hey, the […]

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Diary Entry 2: Cherry

Dear Diary, Today was a big day. My tent became a full-fledged house! I overheard Mr. Tom Nook speaking with both Alvin and Teddy – while I was headed over to check out the newly opened Nook’s Cranny – and the two of them agreed to upgrade their tents into houses. I didn’t want to […]

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Journal Entry 1: Teddy

Hey Journal, Woo ee! That was a long plane ride. I ain’t never left home before. It was odd seein’ the Big Woods down under me gettin’ tinier and tinier. Those two dodos though, man, they nearly chatted my head off. But on the good side, that water landing was a thrill. I nearly got […]

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Diary Entry 1: Cherry

Dear Diary, My first day on this new island went over really well – despite not having a lot of bells saved up for the trip like mother told me to. I was a bit nervous when Mr. Tom Nook, the raccoon, first approached me a few days ago and offered me this “trip of […]

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