Mhm. This is it. This is the spot. The warmest, coziest sun spot on the island.

Old golden grandpappy taught me the game of Old Maid back when I was just a wee cub. I guess that’s when I developed my love of competition. I ain’t never been caught as the old maid. Well, ‘cept that one time by uncle Alabaster, but I still don’t count it.

What’s Up? I’m Teddy!

Hey, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking there is no way that this plump, fluffy bear could possibly run a mile in under 7 minutes and you’d be correct. But hey, I still get up each morning, right at the crack of dawn, and there I go walking down the beach lifting up all the heavy boulders and drift wood that floats on up to the shores. These muscles didn’t get this big from nothin’.

I actually just recently arrived on this here island of StoryBrook. Had to get away from the big rough and tough woods over yonder. Everyone kept pressuring me as the oldest to take over the family’s honeysuckle business. Now, I’ll tell yah, I’ll eat 10 pounds of honeysuckle quicker than any other bear in the woods, that still don’t mean that I wanna sell it for the rest of my days.

No, no. I got my sights on something much bigger, much better. Heck, I gotta put these big ole’ bear arms to good use, don’t I? Yessir, my goal is to protect others. Why else do you think I’d work so hard on bulking up to be the biggest, burliest, brownest bear on this here island? Though, competition’s been pretty weak seeing as I’m the only big, burly, brown bear here. Sure hope I get some competition real soon.

Some Stuff About Me…

Ghosts have always creeped me out. Really hopin’ there aren’t no wisps on this island.

Favorite color’s black.

My day of birth is: September 26th. I like honey cakes on every day ‘cept my birthday.

I’m what they call back in the woods a Libra. Funny, not too bad with the sows, and I can bench nearly 400 pounds.

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