Diary Entry 2: Flora

Dear Diary of the New Current Pop Queen, 

My momager is totes the best! After pulling a few strings, she landed me a spot on Who’s Got Talent! Finally! I’m going to be so big and so famous! Everyone is going to know the name: Flora! I’m more excited than I’ve ever been before and this is only the beginning. Once I win the whole show, I’m going to go on a world tour and who knows? Maybe I’ll even be more popular than K.K. Slider!

Like, this is totes the best thing ever, but, like, why are my hands shaking so much? I mean, the boxes are all packed, Alvin was kind enough to check-in one last time – I’m a bit bummed that he didn’t really even try to get me to stay… If he didn’t want me to stay, how can I be sure the whole world will? I just… I’m overwhelmed. I always knew that this day would come. I mean, come on, it’s me! But the reality of this moment has got me floundering about. What…What if I fail? Like, omg! What if I audition for the show and then they tell me that I’m not good enough? Ostria has had so much success, what if all the good luck and success in a family only goes to one specific family member? Ostria can sing, she can act, AND she can dance. I’m only a singer…

Maybe I should stay here in StoryBrook a little longer, hone my craft more and practice. Yeah, if I stay then I can practice more and then when I know I’m really good, then I’ll audition… Wait! No. I have to do this. I’m a superstar and the only way I’m going to prove it is if I just do it. Oh…But what if I become a laughing stock and everyone starts making cruel jokes about me? I’m small and pink and fluffy… I totes don’t take criticism well. 

Oh, Flora. What are you going to do, girl? I have to move. I already told everyone that I was leaving. I’m a bit cornered with that decision. I mean, if I’m going to leave then I might as well follow through with the plan. I could be better than I think! But, what if I’m worse? Urgh! Why did I ever try to get into showbiz? 

But wait, Flora…When you look in the mirror, what do you see besides you in all your pink gloriousness? You see two twinkling stars orbiting around in your eyes. Those twinkling stars were destined for the spotlight, weren’t they? You…I totes have to do this. Even better, I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. 

Wish me luck Diary! Pinky’s going to be moving on out and moving on up in the world! 

Fame, here I come! …Maybe.

— Flora

Click Here for Flora’s About Me page!
Click Here to watch the video of Flora leaving!

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