Diary Entry 1: Wendy

Hey Diary! 

It’s me, Wendy! I am so excited about life on this new island! Like, I’m officially all moved out and living on my OWN! OH EM GEE! It was such a scary decision but I am so glad that I did it! I can finally practice my craft on my terms instead of listening to all the yelling rambling that went on at home. I’m, like, the boss of myself now and I do yoga every morning and it is totes peaceful. Who knew yoga could actually be calming? 

Though, I am a little heartbroken that I packed in such a rush that I forgot my violin back home. I asked ma and pa to mail it over to me, but they keep groaning on about the shipping costs. Really, I think that Mandy just really wanted to keep it for herself so she talked them into letting her have it. Urgh! She’s such a selfish sheep! It feels amazing to no longer get scolded by her and Randy. They are totes the worst siblings ever! But… Like, is it odd that I still sort of, kind of miss them? 

I think what I love most about living here on StoryBrook is that museum run by Blathers. Every time I walk through the exhibits, I’m just so blown away by the artistry of the museum’s design and even though the art exhibit is still pretty lacking in displayed works, it’s just such an inspiring place for a young artist like myself. I imagine that someday my own amazing artworks will be displayed there for all to see. Ma always used to tell me that I needed to find focus in my life. She thought that I was often too ambitious in terms of my multiple passions for the arts. But I totes will be the world’s greatest painter, violin player, ventriloquist to ever live! 

Oh my gosh. Diary, I just… I’ve never felt this happy in myself before. Getting away to a new place with fresh air and lots of new friends…It’s been nice. I think I’m becoming even nicer, too!

Oh well. I’m off, lambkins! The paint brush is calling me! Hm…I think I’ll paint another glittering snow white snowflake. Yeah. That sounds super nice. 


— Wendy

Click Here for Wendy’s About Me page!
Click Here to watch the video of Wendy moving to StoryBrook!

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