Journal Entry 1: Marshal

Hey Journal! It’s me, Marshal.

Man, Journal. I can’t believe it’s over. Two months we spent together and now we’re done. Finished. Like, how did this even happen? Everything was going fine. We gave each other gifts all the time. We spoke everyday. We were so close. I mean, they didn’t even knock when they’d come over to visit. They’d just strut right in, ask me what I was crafting. I always gave them my recipes, anything they wanted, I tried to offer them. How could they just let me walk away?

When I asked to leave, I guess, what I really wanted was for them to tell me to stay – to tell me that they still wanted me. Man, why didn’t they want me? I thought that taking some time apart and coming out here to camp at StoryBrook would leave time to clear the air. But, when I returned to start packing, they just ran right on by. Didn’t even bother to say they’d miss me. They just ignored me. It hurts to not be wanted.

Life has been terribly blue here on StoryBrook. But it isn’t anyone’s fault. I spent the first week cooped up inside crafting all their favorite things. I remember every DIY recipe that we shared with each other. Sometimes we would craft late into the night together.

I guess it felt nice that the island villager Alvin, here on StoryBrook, seems to enjoy my DIYs now. He and I, we made some cool new memories together. He stopped by every day to check in on me, just like they used to do. I wonder if Josh won’t want me someday, too. Man, how would I handle that? I’m so tired of feeling blue.

But, hey…I guess I need to focus on the moment and leave the past in the past and the future in the future. I’ve only got today and it’s on me to try and make it great. I still miss you. I fell for you. I could almost say that I was almost starting to really love you. But, now you’re there and I’m here and this is the reality we decided to live in. I guess I have to do all I can to make my reality the best that it can be. It starts with getting out of this house and properly introducing myself to my other island neighbors.

Thanks for listening, Journal. I guess now it’s time to stop with all this sulking, eh?

— Marshal

*Click Here to read Marshal’s About Me page!
** Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Marshal’s arrival on StoryBrook!

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