Journal Entry 2: Teddy

Hey Journal,

Ma and Pa bought me a house! I told ‘em they didn’t needta but they insisted “No son of my is gonna be stayin’ in a measly little tent. Go getcha-self a house! Dangnabit!” Gosh, I love Pops but he just don’t understand… I like the roughen, toughen kinda life. But, hey, the place is great! Coulda used a little more space for a gym instead of just the small kiddie pool Ma sent over, though. 

Ya, Journal, life is good. The house is built like a cabin – kinda like grandpappy’s old camping place back in the mountains. I miss them mountains. Hey! Maybe I can find a way to move my cabin-house into the mountains on this here island! Some of my best chub cub summers were spent out there with grandpappy, just roughen and toughen it like two ole bears would do. 

Well, it’s evenin’ runnin’ time. I’ll be off explorin’ the western side of the island tonight. We finally got a bridge built over the river. I’m excited to explore  and maybe find a new fishin’ spot. But gawsh please, don’t let there be no more honeybees. I’m done with scarfin’ down honeysuckle for awhile. 

Catch me fishin’! Groof! 

— Teddy

*Click Here to read Teddy’s About Me page!
** Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Teddy’s new house on StoryBrook!

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