Diary Entry 2: Cherry

Dear Diary,

Today was a big day. My tent became a full-fledged house! I overheard Mr. Tom Nook speaking with both Alvin and Teddy – while I was headed over to check out the newly opened Nook’s Cranny – and the two of them agreed to upgrade their tents into houses. I didn’t want to get left behind and be the only resident on the island without a house, so I spoke to Mr. Tom Nook, too. He’s a superb business man. His quick-witted responses to all of my questions had my head spinning and before I even realized what I was doing, I signed away on the dotted line. 

Diary, how am I going to pay for this house? I came here with hardly a bell to my name on an impulsive whim, a dream of finally flying the coop and making something of myself. Goodness, perhaps mother was right. Maybe I’m not ready to be out on my own. Silly gullible me – naive as always… 

No! No more self-doubt! I can do this! I chart my own course in life and if I chose to set sail on these stormy waters, then I’ll just have to learn to sail – and navigate for that matter. Besides, Mr. Tom Nook did say that the loan can be paid back at my leisure and without interest. At least I know I got that right. I’ve got this, Diary. I have to believe in myself. I have a net and a fishing pole locked away in storage. Guess I’d better grab them both and hit the sand running. Cherry’s got this, Diary. I’ve got this. What what! 

— Cherry

*Click Here to read Cherry’s About Me Page.
**Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Cherry’s new house on StoryBrook!

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