Diary Entry 1: Tia

Diary Dearest,

These last few days have been so terribly stressful. I packed up my whole life on an adventurous whim and I moved to a new island far from home, StoryBrook. My nerves are a mess. This island is quaint but so bare. It’s like a blank canvas and all I seem to be able to do is paint this island with my dreams of home. Don’t misunderstand me. Having moved here has ignited an excitement within me unlike any I’ve felt before. 

Once I calmed my first day jitters and finished unpacking my new home, the pieces were coming together. A sweet island villager, Alvin, stopped by and listened to my woes. He was so patient and kind. His support really helped me to feel at ease with my decision of challenging myself to experience a whole new horizon abroad. 

Even more, the kindness of the villagers here has been astonishing. I spoke with Tom Nook, who organized my move, and expressed that my weary heart held a heavy remorse of missing home. Together he and Alvin – even Cherry! – got started on a project to spruce up the island. Alvin asked what would help this island feel more like home and when I told him about the glamorous gardens of my homeland, he set straight to work building a beautiful garden entrance here. 

Through the warm hearts of my neighbouring villagers, I can feel this island slowly becoming a home. I even got inspired to bake my specialty cake as a housewarming gift for our newest island neighbor. Oh!  I do hope he likes it. 

Always remember – tea is a cup of life!

— Tia

*Click Here to read Tia’s About Me page!
** Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Tia’s story!

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