Diary Entry 1: Stitches

Hiya Diary Friend! 

This is your bestie, Stitches! Oh boy! Oh boy! I just moved to a fun new place! Big, bright, and bodacious – I don’t really know what that word means, but it sure is fun to say! I like it here a lot. But, I sure do miss my old master-friend, Jimmy. He would play with me everyday and we always had so much fun! Well, except for that one time when he slammed me into a wall – But! It was an accident and he stitched me back up lickity-split! And, well, I guess there was that other time, too. But…He told me not to talk about it to anyone else, so… I’ll just say that I’m uberti-duperti happy to be here with all of my new friends! 

Oh! Oh! One of my new friends, Alvin, he made me a whole park! Well, I guess it’s not entirely MY park, but I sure did help him out a lot and we became best buds! I even told him about how I like to run around like an airplane! We kept on whizzing by each other all across the island! 

I was superdi anxious to pack up and leave Jimmy’s place and go on that “once in a lifetime island tour getaway” that, that old Mr. Tom Nook REALLY encouraged me to go on, but it was the best decision ever! I’ve got more friends now than ever before and there’s a whole island for me to run around and explore! Much better than that small, cramped, darkity-dark box that I lived in before. Out here, I feel so, so free! Gwarsh! Even my bug friends that came here with me seem to like it better in StoryBrook!

Okay, Diary Friend, I gotta go. Lots of flowers to sniff and plazas to nap in! Zzzzz…

Catch yah later, stuffin’! 

— Stitches

*Click Here to read Stitches About Me page!
** Click Here to watch the YouTube video of Stitches’ arrival on StoryBrook!

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